We bring poetry to your story.

Introduction to the Studio

design agency

As a design agency we make books with an open mind and attention to every detail. Our goal is to translate your idea into a publication that says exactly what you want it to.

Working with We Make

What we do.

Book Covers, Annual Reports, Catalogues, Publications, Guides, Magazines, Brochures, Art Books, History Books, Editorial, Album Artwork

design agency

True beauty should be tangible.

  • Concept

    • Format Selection
    • Paper Selection
    • Content Structure
    • Dummys
    • References

    What inspired you to choose print? Often declared dead, the immortal medium is as multi-faceted as ever. Once we know the goal of your publication, we’ll use our insights and expertise in all things paper to make sure your book, magazine, catalogue, or guide finds its perfect form.

  • Content

    • Iconography
    • Illustration
    • Photography
    • Copywriting
    • Storytelling
    • Editorial

    Having something to say and carrying out clear, comprehensible messages are two different things. We specialise in various disciplines that will bring clarity, narrative, and consistency to your story —fictional or full of facts.

  • Design

    • Cover Design
    • Visual Identity
    • Lay-out
    • Typography
    • Colour

    There is more to good book design than meets the eye.
    Our designs incorporate content, visual identity, and structure into coherent, perfectly readable publications that get picked off the shelf and are pleasant to look at.

  • Production

    • Prepress Proofing
    • Press Proofing
    • Colour Proofing
    • Binding

    Last but not least, we will play an active role in the production process of your publication, ensuring that the paper, colours, and binding have the exact look and feel you were looking for.

design agency

We identify.

We like to work with people that understand the importance of good communication, for brands that have good things to show and believe in what they’re doing.

The people of We Make

Johan Theeuwes


Jonas Winand


Stino Peeters

Graphic Designer

Bavo Dockx

Graphic Designer

Jasper Dufraing

Graphic Designer

Jorrit Verwimp

Graphic Designer

Meet the family.