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Lara Gasparotto

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FOMU 50 Publication

Magazine cover, magazine design, magazine lay-out, Antwerp.


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ACV 5 Year Report

Br)ik City Guide city guide design, graphic design Antwerpen, cover design, cover illustration, print design, lay-out.

Br(ik City Guide

Album cover design for Black Box Revelation's My Perception.

Black Box Revelation

Cover illustration and cover design for Not Invented Here. Data visualisation and book lay-out.

Bis Publishers

Cover design, children's book, book design Antwerp.


magazine design, magazine cover, typography, graphic design Antwerpen.



magazine design, magazine lay-out, typography, graphic design Antwerpen, logo design, visual identity, illustration.

Bio Actief

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Werk Met Zin

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Markant Magazine

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Ambrassade Youth Guide

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BASF Cookbook

Meet the family.